One film and so much more

There is a lot of fun to be had in Montana.
You too can join. 
Get your explorer heart beating. 
Plan your next adventure.
Ease the blues. 
Come experience the expected and unexpected benefits of winter. 
Join a fun adventure into the magical world of skiing.
Maybe even go to a race? 
It is all about the idea rather than winning. 
I promise you will meet some fantastic people along the way.
Come “SnowDance” with us.

When you feel  you can go no further

concentrate on taking  just 

one more  beautiful stride

Zuzana Gedeon

Zuzana Gedeon moved to Bozeman Montana in 1995 and fell in love with the place. In her new role as a Producer and Director. Zuzana decided to memorialize her love for the place with a film about skiing.  She aptly named the film “Sliding Upward” because that is what she does and where the meditation and a magical mantra is most powerful. 

 Sliding Upward is a film about skate skiing from a very personal point of view. 

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I just saw this website for a film “SlidingUpward” and it made me think of you. It made me think about fun times we had at (a space for you to shine and tell them about that fabulous experience you shared). What do you think, should we plan to go ski somewhere together this winter?

I think I will join become Zuzana’s patron and give her (your generous donation and support will be appreciated and potentially matched by your friends? So do not be shy to tell them even if it is one dollar) because it hit a chord with me. Might be fun to see what she is up to. 

I have to say I chuckled to see her plea for sharing the website. It’s kind of at the bottom of their story, don’t miss it. It’s funny, and you will see how it inspired me to write to you.
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